United Kingdom

University: Bournemouth University; Bournemouth, England

Academic Unit: Faculty of Management; Department of Sport & Physical Activity

Professor(s): Dean Allen


 University: University of Buckingham; Buckingham, England

Academic Unit: School of Humanities; Humanities Research Institute

Degree(s): History of Sport by Research (MA)

Professor(s): Ed Smith

Website: http://www.buckingham.ac.uk/humanities/ma/historyofsport


University: University of Central Lancashire; Preston, England

Academic Unit: College of Health and Wellbeing; School of Sport and Wellbeing; International Football Institute

Professor(s): John Hughson


University: Durham University; Durham, England

Academic Unit: Faculty of Arts and Humanities; Department of History

Professor(s): Kay Schiller


University: De Montfort University; Leicester, England

Academic Unit: Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities; School of Humanities; International Centre of Sport History and Culture

Degree(s): Sport History and Culture (MA, PhD)

Professor(s): Neil Carter; Tony Collins; Martin Polley

Website: http://www.dmu.ac.uk/study/courses/postgraduate-courses/sports-history-and-culture-ma-degree/sports-history-and-culture-ma-degree.aspx


University: University of Edinburgh; Edinburgh, Scotland

Academic Unit: College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Graduate School of Education and Sport

Degree(s): Sport (PhD)

Professor(s): Matthew McDowell

Website: http://www.ed.ac.uk/education/graduate-school/research-degrees/phd-mphil


University: University of the Highlands and Islands; Various, Scotland

Academic Unit: Centre for History

Professor(s): Jim MacPherson; David Worthington


University: Glasgow Caledonian University; Glasgow, Scotland

Academic Unit: School for Business and Society; Department of Business Management, Sport and Events

Professor(s): Fiona Skillen


University: University of Gloucestershire; Cheltenham, England

Academic Unit: Faculty of Applied Sciences; School of Sport an Exercise

Professor(s): Malcolm MacLean


University: Loughborough University; Loughborough, England

Academic Unit: School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

Professor(s): Alan Bairnier


University: Manchester Metropolitan University; Manchester, England

Academic Unit: Cheshire Campus; Department of Exercise and Sport Science; International Sports and Leisure History Research Team

Degree(s): Sports and Leisure History (MA, PhD)

Professor(s): David Day; Gary James; Samantha-Jayne Oldfield

Website: http://www.cheshire.mmu.ac.uk/sport-history/


University: Newcastle University; Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Academic Unit: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; School of History, Classics, and Archaeology

Professor(s): Alejandro Quiroga


 University: University of Portsmouth; Portsmouth, England

Academic Unit: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; School of Social, Historical and Literary Studies; Centre for European and International Studies Research

Professor(s): Brad Beaven



University: University of Stirling; Stirling, Scotland

Academic Unit: Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport; School of Sport

Professor(s): Paul Dimeo


University: Swansea University; Swansea, Wales

Academic Unit: College of Arts and Humanities; Classics, Ancient History and Egyptology

Professor(s): Martin Johnes


University: Ulster University; Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Academic Unit: Faculty of Life and Health Sciences; School of Sport

Professor(s): Paul Darby; David Hassan; Katie Liston


University: University of the West of Scotland; Paisley, Scotland

Academic Unit: School of Science and Sport

Professor(s): Eilidh Macrae


University: University of Worcester; Worcester, England

Academic Unit: Institute of Sport and Exercise Science

Degree(s): Socio-Cultural Studies of Sport and Exercise (MRes, PhD)

Professor(s): Geoff Kohe

Website: http://www.worc.ac.uk/journey/master-research-socio-cultural-studies-sport-exercise.html