NASSH Service Award

Since 1991, the North American Society for Sport History has recognized an individual or an organization for their significant service to NASSH. These awards are presented at the Closing Banquet of the Annual Convention.

2018 Vicky Paraschak
2017 Robert K. Barney
2016 Wray Vamplew
2014 Jodella K. Dyreson
2013 Gerald Gems
2012 James E. Odenkirk
2011 Patricia Vertinsky
2008 J. Thomas Jable
2006 (tie) Barbara “Bim” Schrodt
Richard McGehee
2005 Bruce Kidd
2004 Richard Crepeau
2003 Joanna “Jody” Davenport
2001 David Voigt
1998 (tie) Roberta Park
Alan Metcalfe
1997 Betty Spears
1996 Jack Berryman
1995 Mary Lou LeCompte
1993 Harold L. “Hal” Ray
1992 Ronald A. Smith
1991 Susan F. Smith