The North American Society for Sport History offers four grants in support of research on sport history. Click on each link below for applications for the grants. Further information on the grants is below. Past grants winners can be found here.

  1. Joe Arbena Latin American Sport History Grant
  2. NASSH Diversity Scholarship (fill out both parts)
  3. NASSH Dissertation Travel Grant (fill out both parts)
  4. Roberta Park Fund

The Joe Arbena Latin American Sport History Grant

The Joe Arbena Latin-American Sport History Grant is designed to advance the study and exploration of Latin American sport history. Up to $1,000 per year will be granted. It is expected that, upon completion, this research shall be presented at a NASSH conference. Candidates are eligible for one-time funding.

Arbena Pic.jpgDr. Joseph Luther Arbena (1939-2013), Professor Emeritus of History at Clemson University from 1965-2006, passed away on October 25, 2013. Dr. Arbena published several books in the area of sport history, making major contributions to our understanding of sports and the rise of national identity. Dr. Arbena’s obituary can be found here.

The NASSH Diversity Scholarship

The NASSH Diversity Scholarship is designed to promote diversity in membership. The Scholarship is awarded to a maximum of one award ($500 plus a NASSH membership) per year. The Scholarship is open to applicants who self-identify as being racially or ethnically diverse. There is no requirement that applicants must be researching race/ethnic sport history or that they must present at NASSH. However, their presentations are encouraged and welcome.

The NASSH Dissertation Travel Grant

PhD students with ABD status are eligible to apply for this award which supports sport history research relating to dissertations in progress. Up to a maximum of $3,000 is available for one award or it may be divided into two or three awards at the discretion of the committee.  It is expected that, upon completion, this research shall be presented at a NASSH conference. Candidates are eligible for one-time funding.

Roberta Park Award

Graduate students and postdocs who have a paper accepted for the NASSH convention are eligible to apply for a grant from the Roberta Park Fund. Annual interest on this fund is divided among the applicants to help defray the costs of travel and accommodation at the convention. Exact amounts of these grants vary from year to year. Graduate students are also encouraged to enter the NASSH Graduate Essay Competition along with the Park Fund.

Until her retirement, Dr. Roberta J. Park was Professor the Graduate School at the University of California, Berkeley and formerly the Head of the Department of Human Biodynamics. She is widely considered to be one of the leading sport historians in the world. More information on Dr. Park and her research can be found here.

No application is needed for the Roberta Park Award. Students apply through the their abstract submission. More information will be provided in the 2019 call for papers.