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Taking Charge of the Future of Sport History at Academic Institutions II


Our second comment, which explores the quantification of research output and the decline of sport history programs at institutions that once led the field, is provided by Jaime Schultz ...

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Taking Charge of the Future of Sport History at Academic Institutions


Given recent attacks on the legitimacy, purpose, and cost of the Arts and Humanities and increased tensions between sub-disciplines within Kinesiology Departments, there is some doubt as to the future of sport history at post-secondary institutions.The purpose of this forum is to confront this issue directly, drawing from the experience of NASSH members who have served as university administrators in various roles–unit coordinators, Department Chairs, Deans, Provosts, and Principals. What should we say, what should we do, how do we speak to administrators, how do we represent ourselves most effectively, how do we speak in terms of strategic and academic planning and budgeting? - On a regular basis, we will post a new commentary and your responses. With each post, please include your name and institutional affiliation.  

Following her NASSH 2015 presentation which examined the importance of sport history, Maureen Smith provides our first comment to set the stage for the administrators’ thoughts and advice.

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President's Forum: A New NASSH Exchange Platform


Beginning with a contribution by Maureen Smith later this week, we are launching a new platform for NASSH members to exchange views and commentaries on matters of concern and relevance in our discipline....

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NASSH 2015: Proceedings now available


Proceedings editor Richard Kimball informs the membership that editing and production of the 2015 Convention Proceedings has been completed. They are ...

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