The North American Society for Sport History publishes the Journal of Sport History, and annual Proceedings containing abstracts of all papers presented at its Annual Conventions.

Proceedings of the NASSH Annual Conventions

Complete NASSH Proceedings for the 2008-2016 Annual Conventions can be downloaded below (pdf). For NASSH Proceedings for the years 1973 - 2007, please follow the link to the search page of  LA84 Foundation's Digital Library Collection. To search the Proceedings, check the "NASSH Proceedings (1973-2007)" box, and enter optional search terms and date delimiters.

NASSH Proceedings 2008-2016
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Journal of Sport History

The North American Society for Sport History publishes the Journal of Sport History three times a year, in spring, summer, and fall. Individual members of NASSH receive a subscription to the Journal as part of their NASSH membership. Membership rates for one year are as follows: $60 for individuals ($70 for those not in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico), $30 for students, $30 for retirees, $700 life membership. Institutional subscriptions are handled by the publishers of the Journal of Sport History, the University of Illinois Press. Please visit the web page of the Journal of Sport History for institutional subscription information as well as individual back issues requests.

Inquiries concerning permission to quote should be addressed to the Editor. Books for review should be forwarded to Gerald R. Gems, Department of Physical Education, North Central College, P.O. Box 3063, Naperville, IL 60566. Questions concerning advertisements should be directed to the Editor. The Journal of Sport History seeks to promote the study of all aspects of the history of sport. We invite the submission of scholarly articles, research notes, documents, and commentary; interview articles and book reviews are assigned by the Editor. Potential contributors are urged to consult recent issues of the JSH for examples of the format of these various contributions. It is the policy of the JSH not to review for publication a manuscript that is under consideration elsewhere. Unsolicited book reviews are not accepted.

June 2016: NASSH launches Journal of Sport History Article of the Year Award. Read more

Editorial Team

Murray Phillips, University of Queensland [Australia]

Past Editor
Alison M. Wrynn, California State University, Fullerton [U.S.]

Assistant Editors
Jaime Schultz, Pennsylvania State University [U.S.]
Matthew P. Llewellyn, California State University, Fullerton [U.S.]
Stephen R. Wenn, Wilfrid Laurier University [Canada]

Book Review Editors
Gerald R. Gems, North Central College [U.S.]
Annette Hoffman, Ludwigsburg University of Education [Germany]

Film Media, and Museum Reviews Editor
John Gleaves, California State University, Fullerton [U.S.]

Dissertation Abstracts Editor
Scott Jedlicka, University of Texas, Austin [U.S.]

Editorial Board
Daryl Adair, University of Technology, Sydney [Australią]
Carly Adams, University of Lethbridge [Canada]
Joseph L. Arbena, Clemson University [U.S.]
Douglas Booth, University of Otago [New Zealand]
Nancy Bouchier, McMaster University [Canada]
Mike Cronin,Boston College [Ireland]
Caroline Daley, University of Auckland [New Zealand]
Pascal Delahye, University of Leuven [Belgium]
Mark Dyreson, Pennsylvania State University [U.S.]
Sarah K. Fields, University of Colorado, Denver [U.S]
Colin Howell, Saint Mary’s University [Canada]
Mike Huggins, University of Cumbria [England]
Thomas M. Hunt, University of Texas at Austin [U.S]
Martin Johnes, University of Swansea [Wales]
Donald G. Kyle, University of Texas at Arlington [U.S]
Deane A. Lamont, St. Mary’s College [U.S.]
Rita Liberti, California State University East Bay [U.S]
Shelley Lucas, Boise State University [U.S.]
Malcolm MacLean, University of Gloucestershire [England]
Tara Magdalinski, University College Dublin [Ireland]
Daniel A. Nathan, Skidmore College [U.S]
Catriona M. Parratt, University of Iowa [U.S.]
Gertrud Pfister, University of Copenhagen [Denmark]
Steven A. Riess, Northeastern Illinois University [U.S.]
Thierry Terret, University of Lyon [France]
Martha H. Verbrugge, Bucknell University [U.S.]
Patricia Vertinsky, University of British Columbia [Canada]
Chris Young, University of Cambridge [England]