NASSH Executive Board Statement on President Trump's Executive Order

The North American Society for Sport History is an inclusive organization, committed to uninhibited scholarly discourse. Additionally, the NASSH Executive Board values the Society’s members, potential members, and the diversity they represent. We strive to make the organization and its annual convention a place for the free and open exchange of ideas in a supportive environment. We therefore oppose any discriminatory actions by law or executive order such as what President Trump signed on January 27, 2017, which bars people from specific nations from entering the United States.

The order is set to expire on April 27, 2017. However, if it prevents any scholars from attending the 45th annual NASSH conference at California State University, Fullerton, please contact Conference Chair Toby Rider and the organization will try to find ways for those scholars to participate.

Jaime Schultz
Sarah K. Fields
Daniel A. Nathan
Richard Kimball
Carly Adams
Nancy Bouchier
Adam Berg
Thomas Hunt
Jan Todd
Kevin B. Wamsley

Supporting the Executive Board's Stand on Academic Freedom
Mark E. Havitz Robert J. Lake MacIntosh Ross Don Spivey
Malcolm McLean Patrick Salkeld Bruce Kidd Colleen English
Alison M. Wrynn Michael T. Wood Linda J. Borish Janice Forsyth
Richard Crepeau Ying WuShanley David Wiggins Lindsay Pieper
Thomas Fabian Catriona M. Parrat Maria Veri Victoria Paraschak
Gerald Gems Lindsay Krasnoff Jason Laurendeau Gabe Logan
Michael E. Lomax Laura Troiano Christine O'Bonsawin Shelley Lucas
Cesar R. Torres Joel Franks Samuel O. Regalado Chris Henderson
Zachary R. Bigalke Mike Huggins Andrew D. Linden Elena Balcaite
Charles Korr Charly Machemehl Lars Dzikus Matthew R. Hodler
David Kilpatrick Susan Birrell Charles H. Martin Rob Ruck
Gary Osmond Theresa Walton-Fisette Murray Phillips Eileen Narcotta-Welp
Andrew McGregor João Manuel Casquinha Malaia Santos Michael Heine


I'm an American citizen, working in Canada. I fully support this statement, which is also consistent with positions held by my University and my church.
By Mark Havitz

By Bob Barney

By Rob Ruck

I fully agree with and endorse this statement.
By Ralph Hickok

I fully endorse the Executive Board's statement.
By Ying WuShanley