Executive Board

President: Kevin Wamsley, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS, Canada
Past-President: Daniel Nathan, Skidmore College
President-Elect: Jan Todd, University of Texas at Austin
Secretary: Jaime Schultz, Penn State University
Treasurer: Thomas Hunt, University of Texas at Austin
Publications Board Chair: Sarah Fields, University of Colorado Denver
Members-at-Large: Carly Adams, University of Lethbridge; Nancy Bouchier, McMaster University; Richard Kimball, Brigham Young University
Student Member-at-Large: Adam Berg, Penn State University
Book Award Committee Chair: Steven Gietschier, Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO
Budget and Fiscal Committee Chair: Thomas Hunt, University of Texas at Austin
Distinguished Lectures Committee Chair: Daniel Nathan, Skidmore College
Journal of Sport History, Editor: Murray Phillips, University of Queensland
Proceedings, Editor: Richard Kimball, Brigham Young University
Technology Committee Chair: Chad Carlson, Hope College, MI
Time and Site Committee Chair: Susan Rayl, State University of New York - Cortland

Standing Committees

Publications Board
Book Award Committee
Budget and Fiscal Committee
Membership Committee
Distinguished Lectures Committee
Technology Committee
Time and Site Committee


The By-laws of the North American Society for Sport History were last amended in June 2016. A copy of the By-laws can be downloaded here (pdf).


The Business and Council Meetings of the North American Society for Sport History are held during the Society's Annual Conventions. Minutes can be downloaded below (pdf). Both sets of Minutes are included in a single file for the year. Reports are available for underlined years. (*Steering Committee Meeting)

Council Meeting Minutes by Convention year

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